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Sue Cuthbertson

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33 Garden Road Central, Hong Kong China China
Telephone: +852 3719 6111 Fax: +852 3719 6050 E-mail:

Personal Resume

Sue is a UK Chartered Tax Adviser with over 35 years of international tax experience, mainly in the area of financial services.
After working with the Big 4, where she specialized in providing tax advice to financial institutions, including banks, fund, insurance companies and funds managers she worked at Deutsch Bank as a director in the tax financing group. Subsequently, she spent 10 years as the Deputy Regional Tax Director with Credit Suisse. In that time, she supported front office groups such as Private Equity, Equity, Fixed Income and Asset Management by advising on sustainable but tax efficient products and investment structures.

In the last 12 years, she has advised SMEs and MNCs, including private equity funds and venture capital funds, on international tax matters, in particular inward and outward investment to and from Hong Kong and Mainland China. Sue has worked in the UK, Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong and Mainland China, and India.

She is the founding shareholder of SB Tax Advisors (International) Limited, a boutique international tax practice, whose vision is to assist businesses to manage their tax affairs in an ethical, transparent and sustainable manner whilst still achieving tax efficiencies thus securing effective tax rates that are agreeable to all stakeholders, be it shareholders or tax authorities.

Sue co-authored International Tax Law and Practice which was jointly published by the Hong Kong Institute of Taxation and Wolters Kluwer in 2019.


More information about China

With nearly 4,000 years of continuous history, China is one of the world's oldest civilizations. Prior to the 19th century, it possessed an advanced economy. However, in the 19th and 20th century, imperialism and civil war damaged this economy. In 1949, the Chinese Civil War ended after a major combat and two states calling themselves "China" emerged: The People's Republic of China (PRC), established in 1949, commonly known as China, has control over mainland China and the largely self-governing territories of Hong Kong (since 1997) and Macau (since 1999). In the 1970s, reforms led by Deng Xiaoping, known as the Four Modernizations, improved agriculture, industry, technology and defense, raising living standards and making the PRC one of the great powers. The Republic of China (ROC), established in 1912 in mainland China, now commonly known as Taiwan, has control over the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, the Pratas island group, and a few other outlying islands. In the 1950s, change to economic policies in Taiwan transformed the island into a technology-oriented industrialized developed economy after a period of high growth rates and rapid industrialization. Historically, the cultural sphere of China has extended across East Asia as a whole, with Chinese religion, customs, and writing systems being adapted to varying degrees by neighbours such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Through its history, China was the source of many major inventions. It has also one of the world's oldest written language systems. (Source: Wikipedia)

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