At a glance

Corporate Income Tax Rate 22% (21% starting 2017)
Tax rate applied on capital gains 22% (21% starting 2017)
Tax rate applied on branch profits 22% (21% starting 2017)
Other taxes (e.g. local or state tax) yes
Withholding taxes (standard rates)  
on dividends 0 %
on branch profit remittance N.A.
on interest 19%
on royalties 19%
Loss carry back period N.A.
Loss carry forward period 4 years

Notes: * withholding tax may be decreased or even eliminated under certain Double Tax Treaties or under local tax law provisions implementing EU Interest and Royalties Directive


Slovakia is a high-income advanced economy with a very high Human Development Index, a very high standard of living and performs favourably in measurements of civil liberties, press freedom, democratic governance and peacefulness. The country maintains a combination of market economy with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. The country joined the European Union in 2004 and the Eurozone on 1 January 2009. Slovakia is also a member of the Schengen Area, NATO, the United Nations, the OECD, the WTO, CERN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the Visegrád Group. The Slovak economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and 3rd fastest in the eurozone. Its legal tender, the Euro, is the world's 2nd most traded currency. Although regional income inequality is high, 90% of the citizens own their homes. In 2016 Slovak citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 165 countries and territories, ranking the Slovak passport 11th in the world. Slovakia is the world’s biggest per-capita car producer with a total of 1,000,001 cars manufactured in the country in 2015 alone. The car industry represents 43 percent of Slovakia’s industrial output and a quarter of its exports. (Source: Wikipedia)


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