At a glance

Corporate Income Tax Rate 25%
Tax rate applied on capital gains Non Applicable (included on taxable income).
  Non-residents -> 25%
Tax rate applied on branch profits 25%
Other taxes (e.g. local or state tax) yes
Municipal Surtax up to 1,5%
State Surtax from € 1.500.00,00 to € 7.500.000,00 - 3%
  over € 7.500.000,00 - 5%
Municipal Tax 0,8% - Rural property
  0,5% - 0,8% - Urban property
  0,3% - 0,5% - Urban property (appraised under IMI Code)
  7,5% - Poperty owned by residents in offshores
CIT surcharge 2,5% on taxable income above € 2.000.000,00
Withholding taxes (standard rates) 25%
on dividends 25%
on branch profit remittance N.A.
on interest 25%
on royalties 25%
Loss carry back period N.A.
Loss carry forward period Tax losses generated from January 1st/2012 onwards - 5 years (1)
  Tax losses generated in tax years on or after January 1st/2010 -4 years
  Tax losses in tax years prior January 1st/2010 - 6 years
          (1) Deduction of carryforward tax losses capped at 75% of the taxable profit


Portugal (Portuguese: Portugal/ Mirandese: Pertual), officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. The Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are also part of Portugal. Portugal is a developed country and it has the world's 19th-highest quality-of-life, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit. It is the 13th-most peaceful and the 8th-most globalized country in the world. It is a member of the European Union (joined the then EEC in 1986, leaving the EFTA where it was a founding member in 1960) and the United Nations; as well as a founding member of the Latin Union, the Organization of Ibero-American States, OECD, NATO, Community of Portuguese Language Countries and the European Union's Eurozone. (Source Wikipedia)


CTA Members in Portugal

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