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Corporate Income Tax Rate 35%
Tax rate applied on capital gains 35%
Tax rate applied on branch profits 35%
Other taxes (e.g. local or state tax) levied on corporate profits? no
Withholding taxes (standard rates) 0%
on dividends 0%
on branch profit remittance 0%
on interest 0%
on royalties 0%
Malta applies the full imputation system of taxation.  
There would be a refund of up to 6/7's of the tax paid  
by a company on the distribution of dividends.  
Loss carry back period N/A
Loss carry forward period Indefenite


Malta, officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta), is a southern European country and consists of an archipelago situated centrally in the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km east of Tunisia, with the Strait of Gibraltar 1,826 km to the west and Alexandria 1,510 km to the east. Malta covers just over 300 kmĀ² in land area, making it one of Europe's smallest and most densely populated countries. Its de facto capital is Valletta and the largest city is Birkirkara. Malta is made up of many small towns, however the main island is a one metropolitan area, with a population of 368,250. Generally, the Republic of Malta can be considered as a city-state, though Parliament of Malta not yet officially announced status of city-state. Maltese is the national language and a co-official language, alongside English. Throughout history, Malta's location has given it great strategic importance and a sequence of powers have ruled the islands. Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and became a republic in 1974, whilst retaining membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. It is a member of the United Nations (since 1964) and a member of the European Union (since 2004). (Source: Wikipedia)


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