At a glance

Corporate Income Tax Rate 21% (a)
Tax rate applied on capital gains 21% (a)
Tax rate applied on branch profits 21% (a)
Branche Tax Rate  
Withholding Tax  
on dividends 15% (b)
on interest 0 (c)
on royalties 0
on branch profit remittance 0
Net Operating Losses  
carry back period 0 years
carry forward period Unlimited
 a) This is the maximum rate. In addition, a municipal business tax and an additional unemployment fund contribution (unemployment fund surcharge) are levied on income.  
b) The dividend withholding tax is imposed on payments to both residents and nonresidents. For nonresidents, this is a final tax. The rate may be reduced by a tax treaty.  
c) Interest payments may be subject to withholding tax in certain circumstances.  


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